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Note: For information on fan signings, television appearances, and the like, look at Seven Seasons' Schedule page or Block B Japan's Schedule page.


October 21

Zico will have a concert at The Novo in Los Angeles, California,

October 24

Zico will hold a concert at The Warfield in San Francisco, California.

October 26

Zico will hold a concert at The Vic in Chicago, Illinois.

October 28

Zico will have a concert at the PlayStation Theater in New York, New York.

November 10

Zico will hold a concert at the Convention Hall of Bangkok Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

November 18

Zico will hold a concert at KITEC’s Rotunda 3 in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

January 2-January 6

U-Kwon will star in the musical At the Age of 30 at the TBS Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo, Japan.