The Mixtapes, Part 1

In addition to Block B's many fine albums, the group's rappers have made a profusion of mixtapes, which are given away for free--you literally cannot pay for this music. (I guess the plan is that you'll feel guilty for having hours and hours of free music, so then you'll start a Web site to promote the musicians!)

Zico has been an especially prolific maker of mixtapes (he has also put music on Soundcloud), although Park Kyung and P.O are no slouches. This is not even all of their songs--there are more out there!

I primarily relied on Block B International for translations of the song titles. 

Note: The vast majority of these songs contain profanity. If the word "Diss" or a recognizable obscenity appears in the title, they contain a LOT of profanity. You have been warned.



Park Kyung

Block B


download "Dear My Wife"

Bigboi Is Ready 2 Showtime 

Park Kyung and P.O

Zico's Fanmeet Mixtape

from Zico on the Block


Older mixtapes can be found here.