The Mixtapes, Part 2: The Nacseo and Holke Era

Zico and Park Kyung came to the notice of their erstwhile label because of their mixtapes. At the time, Zico rapped under the names Nacseo ("Scribble") and Raga Map, while Park Kyung rapped under the name Holke ("Horse-K"). This is not everything from that period--they made a TON of music (unfortunately, some of it appears to be missing credits). Notice how much higher Zico's voice used to be! 

I primarily relied on Block B International for translations of the song titles. 

Note: The vast majority of these songs contain profanity. If the word "Diss" or a recognizable obscenity appears in the title, they contain a LOT of profanity. You have been warned.


Nacseo and Holke

from Baton Track Chapter 1

from Mixtape 2

Mixtape 3

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