Jaehyo, “Bus Stop”


Taeil, “Remaining Star” (live)

Taeil, “Later” (live)

Taeil, “One Man”

Taeil, “Lost & Found,” feat. Keita of w-inds

Taeil & Sejeong, “Love or Not” (live)

Taeil, “Inspiring”


P.O, “Comme des Garçons”

P.O, “Men’z Night,” feat. Chancellor


B-Bomb, “Dawn” (live)

B-Bomb, “Paradise,” feat. Ken the 390

B-Bomb, Se Young, Daeil, J.Heart & Doobu as Project X, “Sex You”

B-Bomb, Young J & J-Ho, “Treasure”

(note: contains profanity) 

B-Bomb, Minsu, Daeil, J.Heart & Doobu as Project X, “B.L.A.B.”

(note: contains profanity) 

B-Bomb & Repter, “Blink”

B-Bomb & Repter, “LOL”

Park Kyung

Park Kyung, “Gwichanist”

Park Kyung & fans, “"Ogeul Ogeul" (live)

Park Kyung, “Instant,” feat. Sumin

Park Kyung, “When I'm With You,” feat. Brother Su

Park Kyung, “Inferiority Complex,” feat. Eunha of GFriend

Park Kyung, “Ordinary Love,” feat. Park Boram


U-Kwon, “Let’s Ride,” feat. Ja Mezz

U-Kwon, B.B Trippin & THE.B, Hit the Stage “Final” performance (full)

(note: contains profanity)

U-Kwon, Rie Hata & B.B Trippin, Hit the Stage “Crazy” performance (full)

(note: contains profanity)

U-Kwon, Yooa & B.B Trippin, Hit the Stage “This Love” performance (full)

U-Kwon & B.B Trippin, Hit the Stage “Devils” performance (full)

(note: contains profanity)


Fanxy Child, “Y”

Zico, “SoulMate,” feat. IU

Zico, “Artist”

Zico, “She’s a Baby”

Zico, “Bermuda Triangle," feat. Crush & Dean

(note: contains profanity)

Zico, “I Am You, You Are Me”

Zico, “Eureka,” feat. Zion T

Zico, “Boys and Girls,” feat. Babylon

Zico, “Well Done,” feat. Ja Mezz

(note: contains profanity)

Zico, “Tough Cookie,” feat. Don Mills

(note: contains profanity)